Here are some of our favorite questions...


Q: What does Faulisi mean and how do you say it?

A: FA - LEE - SEE . Faulisi. It is our last name.

Q: What is your phone number?

A: We don't have one. If you need to contact us feel free to email us at or just come by and say hello. 

Q: How big is your pizza?

A: All pizzas are about 13". Sometimes they are more circular than other times due to being hand stretched but they are always the same amount of dough. 

Q: What style pizza is it?

A: It is a very thin crust wood fired pizza. We don't claim to be Neapolitan, pizza experts, or the best pizza. We make this pizza because it is what we like. We like char. We hope you do too.

Q: How many people can fit at a table?

A: Being a small pizzeria, the largest party we sit is 6. Any party larger than 6 has to be split amongst a couple tables.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: No except if you would like to book our Family Table. For more information on the Family Table, click here.

Q: How long is the waitlist?

A: We are very thankful that sometimes we have a waitlist for our little pizzeria. It varies everyday from 0 minutes to an hour. No day is the same. We encourage you to grab a drink from our bar and hang out in the lobby lounge or enjoy a beer from our neighbors Bond Brothers Brewing Company while you wait for your table. We will text you when it is ready. 

Q: Do you have the most amazing staff?

A: Yes. I thank sweet Pete everyday for all of the beautiful people.

Q: Do you have gluten free pizza?

A: No. There is so much flour everywhere its impossible to make a dough completely gluten free as we have one oven. Because of our limited space, we also would have no where to shape the pizza as again, flour is everywhere. 

Q: Do you do lunch?

A: Only on Saturdays.

Q: Do the owners pop in sometimes?

A: We are here everyday, all day. You can find one of them working the oven everyday. Yeah. That guy.

Q: Are you in the process of filming a variety of comical, yet informative videos for social media?

A: Why yes, thank you for asking. We are in post-production on our first video right now!

Q: Do you serve other items besides pizza?

A: Yes, we have a few antipasti to choose from that change frequently. 

Q: Do you have alcoholic beverages?

A: Yes. Beer, Wine and Fortified Wine. 

Q: I see you guys are next to an amazing brewery. Can we grab a beer and come over?

A: We love the beer too and encourage you to enjoy it there and come by after. The law says NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. 

Q: How much gas does it take to fire up the oven?

A: none. We burn only kiln-dried hardwood. Oak and hickory. 

Q: What kind of cooking equipment do you have in the back?

A: None. The oven we cook the pizza in is it.

Q: How did you run out of dough the first night?

A: We have a three door fridge dedicated to pizza with two of the doors exclusively for dough. We are at max capacity for dough and when we have amazing guests that love pizza, it can happen. 

Q: Do you do to go orders?

A: Yes and No. We do it when we can but when the restaurant is full, we do not. Adding to go orders to an already full room slows down service and the guest experience suffers which we will not allow. You can feel free to ask anytime if we are doing to go pizza and most of the time we can accommodate.